LATEST DROP: Rosas by Jello Reyes

Romantic as it is alluring, Rosas by Jello Reyes sheds light on the beauty and worth of a woman in love and life.

Like an overused trope long forgotten, flowers often reflect and describe a woman’s essence. The essence of one’s beauty that is enough to take away one’s breath. And dropping his new single, Jello Reyes serenades us with ‘Rosas’, a tribute to all the ladies and their unimaginable beauty and worth.

Singing in the busy streets, the acoustic folk-pop busker, Jello Reyes sings about life. Surprisingly hitting high notes every single time, Jello blows us away with his amazing guitar skills too. Not to mention, but his songwriting is superb. Raw emotions that resonate to the soul, his songs bring forth the rough yet organic beauty of street performance or busking.

Similar to his other songs, ‘Rosas’ features his sustained high notes all over. It might sound overkill, especially for guys. But it adds this kind of certain flair and texture to the song, aside from the acoustics and dragging bass lines. At some point, ‘Rosas’ comes off as rough at the edges. But that goes to show the signature style of Jello himself.


Oh aking sinta

Sana ay ‘yong madama 

Hahagkan kahit na ako’t matinik

Oh, rosas

The song is basically a serenade to woo girls. You’d never go wrong with a romantic serenade to please the ladies. But ‘Rosas’ isn’t just a one-trick pony. Aside from being a serenade, it’s an ode to all the women and how their beauty and worth are to be appreciated. The world we live in is a man’s world. How Jello casually yet perfectly compared a woman to a rose is simply delightful. Like a rose, from it’s blossoming to its final moments of life, a woman’s beauty and worth transcend time.

The world sees women like that. Beautiful yet dangerous. Prickly with their thorns along with its colorful petals. A lot wants to take it but only a few have the guts and bravery to do so. The comparison between them might seem asinine and shallow. But just like a rose, a woman holds mysteries and stories that the world can’t comprehend.

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