Strengthen the feeling of longing to be with that someone as we listen to Field Day’s ‘Rocket’!

This gem has launched on Spotify now and it might just make you miss someone! Field Day sends their message of longing and wanting nothing more than to be with someone without interruption through ‘Rocket’. For a start, here is the demo version of the song.


Field Day

Field Day is a four-piece Pinoy band from Manila, Philippines that through their songs, aim to bring us great Filipino noise pop music. The band is Peachy Bañez on guitars and vocals, EJ Santiago on vocals, Rommel Hugo on bass, and Eric D on percussions. They seem fairly new since most of their posts trace back to only late 2017, but the band has already become part of several music events and gigs across Manila. They are really starting to slowly engrave their name into the Philippine music scene!

We are definitely looking forward to hearing more from this band! ‘Rocket’ is just their first single but just by listening to it we know that this band will go places.  Knowing that they have musical influences like the legendary Nirvana, Eraserheads, and other great bands, it would not be surprising.


Why they titled the song ‘Rocket’ is beyond us. Is it in reference to a literal rocket ship? My interpretation of this is that they used the English word for the Pinoy slang ‘raket’ which means side jobs. It’s very common to miss some “bae time” when you work several jobs, and the singer in the song mentioned something about wanting to be with the girl without interruption. Did we get it right? Who knows?

While the title is a puzzle to us, the message of the song isn’t rocket science. It’s about wanting to be with someone more often, and nothing more. Plain and simple.

Maaari bang
Pagbigyan na sana tayong dalawa
Kahit sandali lang
Ikaw lamang ang pangarap
Ikaw almang ang inaasam
Walang ibang hangad kundi ang makasama
ka nang mas madalas

I bet we all have that one person that pops into our heads when listening to this song. Is it worth adding to your playlist? Definitely! Stream it now!

‘Rocket’ is definitely one great song and Field Day is just starting! What did you think about ‘Rocket’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below after you listen to it! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.