Careless Music goes international with its latest single called ‘Risky’ by AVIN and James Reid featuring KINGwAw! It’s out on Spotify now!

Women are beautiful creatures, and sometimes, we can’t help but appreciate them! On this note, ‘Risky’ is a song that tells us how it feels to be willing to risk it all for a girl you love. It’s now out on Spotify, but wait! Before you go add this to your playlists, check out this awesome music video!

The music video features the three artists and an awesome play on aspect ratios and lighting. And of course, who could resist James Reid when he projects in front of the camera like that? It’s a bonus that he featured Bret Jackson, better known as KINGwAw! Although the music video is mostly James Reid, we can really see how the track and Bret’s addition added an extra oomph to the song.

Careless goes international!

Not many of us might know this, but this music video was actually filmed in Korea! This is because, for ‘Risky’, James collaborated with AVIN, a Korean musician who’s responsible for the track that James and Bret sang over. In this behind the scenes video, AVIN shared that they actually knew that James and Nadine are big names across Southeast Asia, and this was why they invited them over to film the music video for ‘Risky’!. It was shown in the behind the scenes that Nadine got to shoot some scenes on the same set with James, so we’re wondering why those clips didn’t make the cut for the video. Would there be another video? We don’t know yet, so I guess we’ll just have to wait!

It’s amazing to see how far James Reid’s Careless Music have come when it comes to creating his own music. It’s not unknown to many of us that James really has the talent, but it’s amazing how he manages to really pursue his music, so far as to build his own record label. It may not be as big as what his music could have been had he joined major label companies, but he surely is building it slowly but surely, of course, with the help and support of Nadine. This is precisely why he deserves all the credit now that his music is going international!


‘Risky’ is basically a song of admiration for a woman. Her body, her traits, everything! And it tells us that some women look so good that boys will actually want to risk it all for them! And while you can wrap the meaning of the song in a nutshell, you can really see how they wrote the song. Is it dedicated to Nadine? We hope so! It’s not new to us to hear about how much in love James is with Nadine, personality and physical attributes combined. And we don’t question him, because even we are seemingly swooning over this beauty! Her name never stays quiet, and it’s not because of controversies, but rather because she is achieving so many things in life this year that it’s hard to keep up. Just recently, she stunned everyone when she walked the runway for Marry Me at Marriott as a Leyva bride.

This being said, we really think you should check the song out on Spotify! It’s the perfect chill song choice.

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