Fools and Foes just released the official music video for their latest single called ‘Rift’, and we’re all living for it!

If you liked ‘Sheriff‘, we’re pretty sure you’d love this music video for Fools and Foes’ latest single called ‘Rift’, too! The song talks about needing one another and seeing the beauty in everyone. Also, the music video beautifully presented the same idea. Filmed in the beautiful city of Baguio, the music video is sure to inspire you. If you want to have an idea of what we’re talking about, we’re here to enlighten you! Here’s the official music video while we’re at it.

Fools and Foes

Fools and Foes is a four-piece math-driven rock band who has been active for quite a while now. Hailing from Manila, the band was formed in 2014 and has graced us with singles that are sure to communicate to you on a deeper level. Under ‘A Spur of the Moment Project’, the band has released their first album called ‘Underneath the Roots’ a long four years ago, but we heard they are planning to release their first self-titled album this June! And we honestly couldn’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us!


Rift talks about how we need each other. Fittingly, the music video showed that very idea in aesthetically pleasing shots. Featuring a man that was traveling, the video showed different people leading different lives. While the song is much more mellow than ‘Sheriff’, the message of the song carried it the most for me. In the lyrics, the song said something about seeing yourself through the singer’s eyes, and in the video, they also showed the man seeing the beauty in seemingly mundane activities that people were doing. As he traveled, he met different people and I think that pretty much ties up the message that the song wants to imply: that the bottom line is that we all need each other.

Definitely add this to your playlist! You won’t regret it.

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