The Rice Lucido new music video ‘A Letter For Her’ proves that her back-to-back success in the music industry is just the beginning!

The new music video of ‘A Letter For Her’ by Rice Lucido dropped Thursday, October 19. And if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, we have it for you right here!

The simplicity in this music video is breathtaking! Rice Lucido shows off, once again, her amazing voice and skills with the guitar through this beautiful song. Of course, this Rice Lucido new music video for ‘A Letter For Her’ had a little twist to it, as dancer Bernice Mathay graces us with her talent at interpretive hula hoop dancing.

And we have O/C Records handled by Callalily‘s Kean Cipriano to be grateful for for producing this indie folk singer-songwriter!

The record label company, proud as they are, also announced on their Twitter account regarding the release of Rice Lucido’s #ALetterForHerMV.

And so far, so good!

Rice Lucido’s ‘A Letter For Her’ music video has been garnering great feedbacks and we are so happy for her!

And Rice Lucido posted about the release of the new music video on her Instagram account as well:

Embarking in on this journey I made a promise to myself to bring along friends with me who have helped me re-discover myself, a process that one alone cannot fulfill.

Rice Ludico thanks everyone who supported her, especially her close friends, through a very heartfelt caption.

And we are very proud of this rising OPM star, and cannot wait for her future projects as she invades the Philippine music scene!

Best part is, you can add this track on your Spotify playlist too!

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