Ladies and gentlemen, attention! Pony, the newest album by Rex Orange County, is now out!

What is it with October 25 and the good news that are happening right now? Today, Arthur Nery released new music; the season 6 for BoJack Horseman just came out; and now this: Rex Orange County’s album, Pony, have just been released!

Pony contains 10 songs which for us is not enough. It starts with the track 10/10, which if you are not aware of, has its own music video. Watch it with us down below.

Pony and the Pony Tour

Honestly, all of Rex Orange County’s songs are really phenomenal. From the instruments to his pure voice, we can just really feel the emotions that he is conveying through his music.

Check out the Spotify playlist for the Pony album below.

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To be honest, our personal favorite from the album is ‘It’s Not The Same Anymore’. However, we also really like ‘Laserlights’ and ‘Face to Face’. In fact, just scratch that, we like all of them! We can’t really decide because every song is unique in itself and just really beautiful.

Because of this album, a lot of fans are thanking Rex Orange County and his music. It really connects to us personally because of how his voice just seems to whisper in our ears. It is delightful, and his songs just sound so genuine.

Moreover, look at some tweets below of fans who have listened to the album:

Rex Orange County will also have a tour, which will start on the 28th. Unfortunately, he will just be performing around U.K., Australia, U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. *cries* World tour soon, please!

Do you like this new album, Pony? Which of the 10 is your favorite song? Let us know what you think by commenting down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.