Review: Moira’s ‘Patawad’ Album

From Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, Unique Salonga’s Pangalan, and now Moira Dela Torre’s latest album, Patawad– we’re in for a musical treat.

We had a few sneak peeks into the entirety of the album before the grand launch; her jazzy, kundiman Himig Handog-winning project with Daniel Padilla, Mabagal, and a collaboration with I Belong To The Zoo, Patawad, had been released prior to her sophomore album release. These tracks belong under two completely different genres, yet, we loved the results of both.

And then she dropped Patawad.



26-year-old singer-composer Moira Dela Torre had second thoughts about releasing the album, considering the severity of the COVID-19 situation. Still, she and her team pushed through, in the hopes of bringing “comfort, hope and peace,” to her struggling fellow countrymen.

Patawad is composed of 13 tracks, same with her debut studio album ‘Malaya’ that established her as one of the most promising music artists in this generation. It is a collection of poignant-yet-soothing tracks, 9 of which were written by the Filipina singer herself. The album includes collaborations with various OPM superstars: there’s Mabagal, with Daniel Padilla; Patawad Paalam, with the band I Belong To The Zoo: Ikaw Pa Rin with Erik Santos: Unbreakable with Regine Velasquez: and Paalam with folk-pop collective Ben&Ben.

Her familiar ballad pop sound still resonates across a handful of tracks; hugot songs like E.D.S.A (Emosyong Dinaan Sa Awit) and Sabi Ng Lola dip into her trademarked style we’ve grown accustomed to hearing– starting off slow and subtle and builds up to a climatic end while still carrying that soft, soothing undertone.

The track Pahinga is a semi-upbeat, groovy song built on the feel-good sound of the ukelele. Handa, Awit shows Moira performing a soul-uplifting spoken poetry piece written by Brian Vee, serving as an introduction to the next track, Kita Na Kita— a duet song with her husband that conveys the message of finding hope and redemption in love. Hanggang Sa Muli is the theme song of action drama TV series 24/7.

What’s more?


The release of Moira’s latest album could not have been timed any better. In difficult and uncertain times like this, we’ve got her music presenting itself as a sanctuary. Because that’s what her music is: a safe place, like home. The stories and the hugots within her songs may be full of angst and pain, but at the same time, they provide a sense of comfort for their relatability. Her ever-calming singing voice is like the winds of heaven touching your soul. And that’s an exceptional talent, making people feel they’re not alone through your craft, making them feel at peace with their emotions.

Her album, Patawad, does not simply encapsulate that talent. It shows off what she can do more with it. You can still feel the presence of Malaya and Tagu-taguan underneath the songs on the new album, but there’s an entirely new side of Moira Dela Torre we’re listening to. There’s better storytelling, more profound insights, and fresh sounds coming off genres outside of ballad pop.

The trilogy


Patawad was released on March 27, 2020, having taken 2 years to create. Before the release, fans were also treated to a heart-breaking trilogy about love, hurting, and moving on. The first part, Patawad Paalam, was released last year, followed by the music videos to ‘Patawad’ and ‘Paalam.’ The trilogy ends on a high note with the message that the key to freedom is self-forgiveness.

You can stream Patawad by Moira Dela Torre on Spotify and other digital platforms. 

What do you think of Moira Dela Torre’s latest album, Patawad?

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