Rollicking ahead of its time, Reserba by Callalily relentlessly reminds us how painful it is to get easily replaced in a heartbeat.

Another day, another heartbreak. The power of love became one of the driving themes of most songs nowadays. Particularly, sad songs for the broken. Despite our love-hate relationship with pain, we long for the cold, harsh truth of reality. Even just a brush of it keeps us grounded to how love really is. And Callalily brings us yet another resonating song for the damned and beaten.

It’s been almost a decade but Callalily never fails to create something out of the ordinary. That speaks for their previous songs and their newest one, ‘Reserba’, their first release under O/C Records. As simple as it sounds, ‘Reserba’ talks about being just an option to someone’s eye.

If you check out the cover art, it portrays the realness of the problem. Problematic


It might be something simple, something radical but it’s quite introspective. It’s straightforward and openly lays out the reality of how it drives us crazy being just an option or a reservation. That after everything, you’ll just be surprised how there’s this another person making him or her happy all along. And that you’re just strung into a giant pain by just being kept in the dark.

They turn it down a notch with too much mystery and enigma. But somehow it perfectly works for them. Despite not being poetic or headbanging, ‘Reserba’ is harmonically-riched and satisfying to the ears. It might not be a trailblazer of a song but it’s a remarkable one worth listening.

Be sure to listen to ‘Reserba’ by Callalily because it’s out on Spotify now!

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