Have you ever been a “panakip butas”? Well, if you ever were, then ‘Rebound’ by This Band is the perfect hugot song for you this Valentine’s Day!

This Band had their This Jam Single Launch for their new song last February 1. And finally, a week before Valentine’s Day, ‘Rebound’ is now out on all digital platforms!

Check out the lyric video of ‘Rebound’ by This Band right HERE:

Rebound lang pala ako

Rebound lang para sa ‘yo

Kahit anong gawin, gano’n pa rin

Ako’y hindi iyo

The harsh reality behind ‘Rebound’ by This Band

For all the marupok and martyrs out there, ‘Rebound’ by This Band is really the song for you! Have you ever been with someone who just got out of a relationship? You fall in love with the person, they claim they feel the same, but you’re pretty sure they are still caught up with their ex. Still, you take a leap only to fall headfirst when you realize you’re just a rebound. Ouch.

Ito ba’y pangmatagalan

O sa ’kin sasaglit ka lang

Ako ay nalilito

Ano bang meron tayo

Name one person who fell in love and didn’t make stupid decisions. Because we all did crazy things and took irrational choices for the one who makes our heart happy. Even if that also includes not being sure if whatever they feel for us is true. Do they really love us or do they just need us to get over their failed relationship? Will they continue to stay if their hearts finally heal? Or will they leave us the moment the person they really love comes back?

At ‘pag kapiling mo na siya

Sana ikaw ay masaya

Para ‘di sayang ang sakit

Na aking nararamdaman

Despite these questions though, we continue to hold on and give all that we can for their betterment. That’s how much of a martyr we are! But still, I hope ‘Rebound’ by This Band will also serve as a reminder for each and every one of you out there that its okay to be “marupok”. Yet at the end of the day, I hope you realize that you’re worth so much more than a mere rebound. You deserve someone who will choose you always and every day—not only when they are sad, alone, and in need of validation. You are not a sanctuary for the broken-hearted.

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