The Pwede Ba Music Video of Lola Amour is finally here! Go and check out this very interesting MV now!

Lola Amour‘s Pwede Ba music video is giving us something extra. That’s right! The MV for ‘Pwede Ba’ is different and would really make your eyes glued to the screen.

Because they are giving two MVs in just one! Yup. How did they do that? Then you better see for yourselves right here!

The MV really piqued my interest. I actually had to watch it by covering the right side with my hand while finishing the left side. Since the left side began at the start of the day and the right side when everything was going downhill, I certainly didn’t want to spoil myself on the happenings!

The question of “How?”

What’s great about Lola Amour‘s new music video is that it made me wonder “how?” the moment it started. How did she end up waking up with a smile whilst on the right side, when the night is about to end, she’s in tears? Or how did this couple’s relationship end? How can they start off the day gleefully and end it with tears and pain?

Although I’ve been asking myself these questions, at first I thought I knew how it would end. From what I could see on the left side video, the guy seems just plain sad and uninterested for me. An exact contradiction to the joy and sweetness that the girl was showing. That’s why I thought if they were to break up by the end of the MV, it’s because the guy had a change of heart.

Yet despite the girl’s sweetness, it’s obvious that there was something sketchy going on with her. The small signs: her smiling from ear to ear while texting, her little panic while looking for her phone, and that kinda close “talk” with another guy.

When the night arrives, however, the girl’s sweetness and “love” is overflowing still. She planned a surprise birthday for her boyfriend and everything was just cute and sweet with all the effort she’s been showing since the day began.

But the signs of cheating were then proven at that party. And I must really ask these questions… How can an individual show that much love and effort when they are cheating? How can they possibly smile and be sweet to their supposedly significant other only to make a fool out of them? And how can the female protagonist in the MV slap that directly to his face on the very party she orchestrated for him?

How it came to the end

On the right side, the MV shows us the cheating escapades of the girl. On how she seems to be this amazing girlfriend, but really isn’t.

How can individuals act nonchalantly despite the intensity of their betrayal? It’s a question that a lot of people already answered, but something I really just wouldn’t understand. In this side of the MV, I truly understood the guy’s “uninterested and cold” responses to his girlfriend. Which in reality, he was just actually hurting and maybe trying to understand the questions we’re all asking as well.

This MV is overall painful and frustrating, but of course, something refreshing and really quite interesting. The party scene is beautiful together with Lola Amour.

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