Frizzle Anne is up and at it again with her second single called ‘Pwede Ba?’ and it’s breaking our fragile little hearts!

Sometimes we get hurt so bad that reconciliation sounds exhausting. We’re tired of playing games, and the only logical choice is to completely leave the person! We’ve all been through that, which is why we think you’d love Frizzle Anne’s latest single. ‘Pwede Ba?’ is now out on Spotify!

Frizzle Anne

With her soulful voice and her very relatable songs, Frizzle Anne is definitely making some waves in the OPM scene! ‘Pwede Ba?’ is only her second single, and we’re already coming to love her so much. She is a very promising artist, and she’s lucky to be part of a caring label with O/C Records where her artistic freedom is nurtured. This being said, we honestly can’t wait to hear what her next songs would be!

Pwede Ba?

We fell in love with how unrequited love was expressed in her first single, but Frizzle Anne’s ‘Pwede Ba?’ is on another level up the heartbreaker scale. With its soulful tunes, Frizzle takes us through the slow and agonizing pain of dealing with someone’s BS in a relationship.

Well, we all have been there, haven’t we? No matter how much we love the person, we eventually get tired of playing their confusing games. The time comes for us to realize that we deserve someone who is sure of his/her feelings for us, and that’s when we decide to leave and ask the other person to stay away from you. Because who are we kidding? Being near the person who broke you, doesn’t help with your recovery at all!

Additionally, if you listen closely, Frizzle’s breathy voice gives the song a whole new feel to it. It’s like she’s telling the story herself! And every line sounds like a desperate plea to just please let her go. The way the song was written will do it for you too!

Pwede ba?

Tanggihan na kita o

Layuan mo na ako

Paalam na

Pwede ba?

Definitely stream her song on Spotify!

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