What’s better than a great song to listen to? Two of them! Purples n’ Oranges just released a 2-track EP and it is SMOOTH.

Purples n’ Oranges’ EP is titled ‘Used To’ and was just released a couple of days ago on Spotify. If you’re having a bad day, this first track is sure to put you in some chill mood.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-tqF4-qNlk[/embedyt]

This band brings in more colors than just purple and orange!

Let’s be real, there are not many bands in the country that can do soul and RnB so well, which makes Purples n’ Oranges all the more exceptional! Previously, they released a single titled ‘Di Naman’ which was also a hit for some of us here who was one of the options but was never THE choice (is this an attack?!).

The band is Tom Tagra on vocals, Bong Manalang on bass, John Matthew Sola on lead guitar, Von Mpl on keys, and Bon Madum on percussion while Himig Borja stood as the midi man.

Used To

Brilliant album cover! It shows a gradient between the colors purple and orange, it also presents a contrast between rain and sunshine. We love that it fittingly describes the tracks in it!

The EP contained 2 tracks, titled ‘251’ and ‘Not Anymore’. Both, to me, were breakup songs. ‘251’ was more of a chill song where the singer seemingly woke up from being hung up on an ex, and finally realized that she wasn’t worth it. I think we all have been there; sometimes we can’t see the ugly side of our exes until we cried our eyes enough to clear out the fog!

I used to be so hung up on you

Can’t believe it, what did I see then?

While the first track got us like”Ex who??? I’m over it!”, we couldn’t say the same about the second track. ‘Not Anymore’ hurt me more than I can bear to say in one sitting. It talks about a relationship that’s seemingly not working anymore. The melancholic tune along with Tom’s vocals make it hard not to cry listening to this song.

I don’t want to wake up knowing

That I’m not the one you’re holding, anymore

I used to be the one that you adore

No, not anymore.

I’d have to say that if one were to listen to the ‘251’ and ‘Not Anymore’ one after the other, he’d look like he’s gone through a denial stage where he tells himself he’s move on, but then here comes the second song and (oof!) he realizes… maybe not. This EP might be personally attacking us (lol), but sometimes, good songs are worth the pain!

Stream the EP on Spotify now! We’re excited to hear what you think.

It’s definitely worth adding these songs to your playlist! Let us know what you think about ‘Used To’ in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!