When your problems are already too much to handle, Earl Generao is there to wipe your tears away. That’s the message of his latest drop ‘Punas Luha’.

We can’t deny that there are a lot of times when the weight of the world is seemingly just upon our shoulders. It brings us pain and we get weak.

That is why this latest drop by Earl Generao – which was released just a day ago – comforts us deeply as we remember some of the painful memories we have gone through.

Listen to his song down below.

Bye bye, tears

The song reminds of Sugarfree’s ‘Wag Ka Nang Umiyak’. But although the aforementioned tells not to cry, ‘Punas Luha’ by Earl Generao brings us warmth instead by assuring us that it’s okay to release everything. It’s okay to cry when things get too hard.

Kahit ‘di mo sabihin

Kahit ‘wag mong aminin

Damdamin mo’y mararamdaman ko rin

Moreover, the singer wants us to know that he understands what we feel even without saying it verbally.

The song is pretty self-explanatory, sung with a beautiful quiet hush that tell’s us everything is going to be okay. It is something you would want to listen at night, under your blanket, as you sigh upon the hardships you go through.

Frankly, your troubles won’t really be solved by this song. They are still something that you have to face one way or another.

But at least you know you have someone with you. 🙂 Not necessarily Earl Generao himself, but you get our point.

Stream ‘Punas Luha’ too on Spotify.

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