LATEST DROP: Precautions by Hayce Atienza

We better stay faithful to our SO! ‘Precautions’ by Hayce Atienza is a firm warning of how we’ll end up if we cheat. It is out on Spotify now!

It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. Hayce Atiena came on strong with ‘Precautions’, and it is sure to make any boy watch out. If anything, we think it speaks of love and its dangers all so well. With this, Hayce is debuting herself on Spotify, and it gets us so excited for her music! To give you a glimpse into how she sounds, check out this cover of hers!

Hayce Atienza

A risk-taker, 8-year-old Hayce had the dream of writing songs to be heard by the world. While she just started her solo career in 2018, it was considered a big risk for her since she has been in a band for 7 years! After being active for only a year, Hayce is not introducing herself and her own music to the world with ‘Precautions’.

You’d be surprised to learn, though, that her influence is none other than the famous rock band, My Chemical Romance. Of course, we know who they are. We grew up to their songs and jived to them in our black skinny jeans, thick, black eyeliner, and bangs that covered half our faces. Similarly, Hayce grew up singing their songs and did MCR song covers. After hearing precautions, though, you’d think her influences would be broadway and the likes. We never could have guessed it was MCR! But no one said that a singer would need to sound like her influence. That’s an A for breaking tradition! Nonetheless, Hayce’s voice is very distinct, you’d recognize it anywhere.


We’d be cautious, alright, because after hearing this song, no one would ever want to cheat on this girl again. ‘Precautions’ speaks of giving the guy big, hard beating or kicking him until he’s bleeding. Kinda brutal, if you think of it. But if you look deeper into the song, you’d realize that more than anything, the song reeks of trust issues.  Of course, it’s hard to open yourself up to someone new after being betrayed in the past. There’s the feeling of not wanting to be another one, not wanting to be cheated on. You’re hesitant to give it your all, because what if he takes you for a fool and cheats on you? Sometimes, you can come off as tough, but there is fear in letting someone in. To me, that’s what this song communicates!

You can stream ‘Precautions’ on Spotify, too!

If that doesn’t make you want to stay faithful, I don’t know what will. What did you think about ‘Precautions’ by Hayce Atienza? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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