Mixin’ and matchin’ tunes perfect for any moment in life, Gian Magdangal’s ‘Places of Paradise’ EP showers us nothing but good vibes!

It’s very hard to stand out right now in the local music scene. With everyone almost doing the same thing as the other, it’s hard to set yourself apart that easy. Be it yourself or the music you create as a whole. But despite that, Gian Magdangal breaks the usual monotony of EPs as he serves a laid-back collection of songs for the heart.

A performer for almost his whole life, Gian Magdangal has always carried his passion for music with pride. And after being in hiatus for a long time, he returns with an EP under O/C Records. Places of Paradise is a 4-track EP that reminds of different phases in one’s life. It definitely showcases Gian’s versatility in music since it doesn’t just feature one genre or sound.

Places of Paradise EP

Like mentioned before, ‘Places of Paradise’ is a concoction of songs with a different sound. Somehow, it refers to emotions or different phases in one’s life that is bound to be significant. In one way or another. It doesn’t just talk about love. But it talks about life in general. ‘While We Sleep’ brings forth feel-good tunes, soaked in percussion and synth. It’s the perfect anthem for dreamers and those who pursue the dangers of life.

On the other hand, ‘Ahon (Sa’yo)’ talks about moving on from love. It starts off with an acoustic tune but as it gradually progresses, it strings up bass lines, guitar riffs and beats together. Of course, adding flair to the song. ‘Alaala’ is the sole acoustic track in the EP. It’s about reminiscing the good old days of forgotten love.

While ‘Back To Before’ featuring Bainhana and Lester Sorilla offers a jazzy tune-up from the others. Despite talking about finding yourself back to where you started, it solemnly wraps you in a coat of warmth. Ironic but it somehow tells you that it’s all gonna be alright and you’ll be fine.

So if want to spice up your playlist and wash clean your mainstream palette, be sure to listen to the ‘Places of Paradise’ EP by Gian Magdangal!

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