This band is back at it again with their unconventional gimmicks as Pipino by Tanya Markova drops! And I’m telling you, this review is gonna be a bit different than usual…

We know Tanya Markova for being… hmm what are the words that can describe them, really? Eccentric, unconventional, bizarre, silly, strange? I don’t really know but you get the picture!

Yet again, they lived up to these descriptions as Pipino by Tanya Markova was released. Watch this very weird video now if you haven’t seen it yet!

I was laughing… and then cringing. And back to laughing, then I’m stressing. Now I’m crying. Holy hell, what did I just watch? Lol!

Okay really now what do y’all think of this one? Because my mind just can’t help but think dirty! 🙁 But anyways, alright. Let’s TRY to see this in a different light. And though this is just a filler song from Tanya Markova while we’re waiting for their next song, this is quite stirring up the masses because duh!

So we Filipinos are suckers for good food! Right? Right! And maybe Tanya Markova was showcasing that in their ‘Pipino’ song and lyric video. Filipinos can really eat just about anything with anything! We add cucumber to meals, to our sauces, and even as a snack when drinking some beer.

Those are normal. But what’s really weird is having a cucumber as a replacement when your lover leaves you! Like lol guys, seriously, what the fudge?

Gusto kong hawakan ang pipino, pipino, pipino

Gusto kong kainin ang pipino, pipino, pipino

Okay fine, you wanna eat that cucumber. But what’s with the emphasized interest in touching it? Is that a fetish? What is it? Come on tell me I’m bothered!

Is eating a favorite hobby amongst Filipinos enough of a positive side already? Say yes please because I can’t come up with anything anymore, spare me lol! Really though, this song and lyric video of Tanya Markova is the bomb. Yes, it’s troubled but its hilarious!

Bless me, I think I’ll be having nightmares of this video later tonight! And yes Iwa Motors, we all know you’ve said “Pipino” and not “Pipimo”. Staaahhppppppp!

All in all, despite all the mixed emotions I’ve felt with this one, it’ll actually get you LSS (troubling, I know). And kudos to Tanya Markova for making me laugh a lot and for their creativity! But please answer me, were you guys drunk when you came up with this one? Tell me, I just wanna talk!

What do you think of Pipino by Tanya Markova? Are you troubled? Amused? Scared? Bother? Laughing so hard you can’t breathe? Tell me! I know I’m not alone in this whirlwind of emotions! Talk to me in the comment section below and you can also send a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.