As if there aren’t enough talented artists under 88rising, they are even collaborating with amazing musicians, such as DAY6‘s very own Jae.

Park Jaehyung, more commonly known through his stage name Jae, is a vocalist and guitarist for the South Korean band under JYP Entertainment, DAY6. Blessed with flowery, beautiful vocals, his talent is undeniable and surely, MY DAYs or DAY6 fans would agree. We already know that somehow, he is already familiar as the face of the group and yet, he is getting more recognition recently. After all, he just collaborated with one of the hottest record labels right now, 88rising.

Dropping snippets of his songs, he has released a lot over the past few weeks – both in his own Jaesix channel and on 88rising‘s. Aside from a teaser of “Singing Spaceships“, he has also gifted “Otherside” and a short MV for “LA TRAINS” especially for his fans.

In case you haven’t checked him or his music out yet though, watch him be his beautiful effortless self under the artist name “eaJ” as he sings in the MV below.

If that didn’t impress you, then honestly we don’t know what will. Aside from being intensely good looking, Jae’s voice is something that sounds like delightful chocolate and to tell the truth, we are just helplessly in love!


Today, Jae just also recently released “PINOCCHIO“, which shows more of his amazing vocal range and skills. If we need to convince you more about stanning him for his talent, just watch the video below!

Jae (or should we say, eaJ) will be releasing more and according to the caption of the video, the next one will be on February 11. Along with us, we hope you would watch out for his next masterpiece to come. I swear, you should just stan this man and while you’re at it, why not check out his group DAY6 too?

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