LATEST DROP: Pinkmen dropped two new singles!

Pinkmen decides to aim for our lonely little hearts two times in a row, and they didn’t miss a shot! They just dropped ‘Your Name’ and ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’ under Offshore Music!

It has not been a lot of time. They did not have to make us wait so long, but Pinkmen is back! This time, they decided to double up on the fun and drop two singles at the same time under Offshore Music. Both are very endearing songs, but ‘Your Name’ and ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’ have very different motivations which we’ll get to later, but for now, here is the band performing ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’ live!

I know that this is just some casual sit-down jam, but there is no mistaking that Pinkmen flavor that resonates so deeply within the sound of their music. Before we even get to that, let’s get to know the band first!


I think it’s safe to say that Pinkmen is the sweeter version of the men in black, but instead of weapons, they wield musical instruments. I’m gonna have to say… I like this one better! What’s there not to love? While they are youngsters, their music is reminiscent of a good alternative folk-rock. Classic, beautiful, both you and your lola would love their sound.

The band is formed in 2017. Composed of Mark Armas on bass,  JR Recla on drums,  Jed Zulaybar on keyboards, and  Immanuel Baile on percussions, and Giro Alvarado and Matt Medrano on lead vocals, the band has released its debut single called ‘Asked You To Dance’ early this year.

‘Your Name’ and ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’

‘Your Name’ takes on a very light and relaxing view of unrequited love. The song tells the girl that she doesn’t have to change her name because it doesn’t matter to him. He couldn’t wish for anything more than who the girl is. At first, you’d think of this as a very endearing song for the singer’s partner, but you’ll lose that idea real soon. In the second verse, it is revealed that the girl is with another guy. The point, then, is that the singer already loves the girl as she is, but the girl’s partner wishes that she is something more.

On the other hand, ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’ talks about not letting go of the promise that you both uttered to each other. Straight up, this sounds like the type of song your grandparents who have been together for forever can slow dance to. The lyrics to this song is so sweet because it says that even if one person goes, the other will always wait and hold on to their covenant, until the time they meet again.

Join in on the fun because you can stream Pinkmen’s songs on Spotify, too!

Pinkmen really does sound like falling in love. What did you think about ‘Your Name’ and ‘Hanggang Sa Muli’?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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