There’s always a toxic love that keeps going back and forth, like a pendulum. And ‘Pendulo’ by Felichi Salva Cruz reminds us that it’s time to cut it off, for good.

Break-ups can be confusing. It’s like you’re suspended in time, wondering what has gone wrong. It leaves you lost in translation, especially if they keep you up on your toes then leave you hanging the next moment. In Felichi Salva Cruz’s ‘Pendulo’, she describes the tumultuous goose chase break-ups concur that you want to badly end.

A singer-songwriter boasting her heartbreaking songs, Felichi Salva Cruz showcases raw human emotions. Truth to be told, Felichi just started her music career February this year. Her debut single, ‘Love-ish’, took flight under FlipMusic Productions, Inc. And so far, she’s been off the rails, making a name for herself, step by step. Aside from Love-ish, she had a collaborated with Rap Sanchez for the song, ‘Drowning’.

Felichi doesn’t seem to have settled to a certain genre as of now. But we’re hearing RnB tunes within her music. Partnered with her alluring vocals and intoxicating songwriting, her music is one to look out for.


Her newest single, ‘Pendulo” encapsulates the cat-and-mouse situation between two lovers who just ended their relationship. For a brief moment after a break-up, there will be lingering thought of going back with them. You’ll find yourself swinging back and forth like a pendulum, not knowing what to do. Not knowing if you really want it. I mean, it’s normal. Everyone must have been put on that situation least once in their life. Because that’s how we deal with breaking up or departure. We hesitate for a moment. Test the waters, like they say and see if we can still hold on.

Wag ka sanang bumalik

Wag ka munang bumalik

But you know, deep inside, ending it is the right thing to do. You’ll just end up wishing that he won’t come back running to you because of the chances that you’ll accept him with open arms are high. Right? It’s the sad and ugly truth. We love the companionship. And we just hate the dead silence and the feeling of abandonment. That’s the most real ‘Pendulo’ can get. (Accurate af.)

You better listen to ‘Pendulo’ by Felichi Salva Cruz on Spotify because it’s out now! There’s so much to expect from her in the future!

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