‘Peklat Cream’ album by Bita and the Botflies out now!

Disclaimer: Bita and the Botflies’ ‘Peklat Cream’ does not cure your life-problems! But they’ll sure as hell make you face it! ‘Peklat Cream’ is out now!


That’s right, ‘Peklat Cream’ by Bita and the Botflies is out now! But contrary to what its’ title suggests, Bita and the Botflies’ ‘Peklat Cream’ is not meant to be a solution for your skin problems. As “peklat” directly translates to “scars.” Instead, the album was made to take you on a psychedelic trip through the harsh realities of life. But with its’ trippy and groovy vibe, you wouldn’t feel the dark themes of the songs at all. Not until you listen to their lyrics. But before we delve in further, let’s get to know the band first:

‘Bita and the Botflies’

Bita and the Botflies are composed of Sofy Aldeguer (vocals), Rebel Aldeguer (guitar), Kevin Novenario-Navea (guitar), Rheymon Concepcion (bass), and Mark Lincallo (drums).  They first came together to form the band in 2016 and have stuck together ever since. They used to be called ‘Adobo Toothpaste’ but they later changed it to the Botflies. Fun fact: “Bita” was Sofy’s childhood name. And that’s how the name of their band came to be.

And now ‘Peklat Cream’ is their first-ever album. But despite the album’s overall psychedelic feel-good vibe, it pales in comparison to the dark themes that their songs discuss. Like how they talk about the exploitation of women in the entertainment industry in ‘Sisikat Ka Iha’. Or the domestic violence from their song with the same name as the album, ‘Peklat Cream’.

‘Peklat Cream’

‘Peklat Cream’ is Bita and the Botflies’ first album. It is an eight-track album that is heavily dominated by the band’s signature distorted guitar work. And is seamlessly blended by powerful haunting vocals. With each track, Bita and the Botflies take you on one heck of a psychedelic experience. Check out the full album right here:

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We definitely need more like Bita and the Botflies, who are unafraid to tell stories about the harsh realities of life. So if you’re looking to get hooked on one wild trip, no drugs necessary, then stream ‘Peklat Cream’ on Spotify now!

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*Original article by Cedric Manuel

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