Paradigm Shift EP by half-lit is totally lit!

half-lit, BP Valenzuela‘s indie folk project, just released a new EP titled ‘Paradigm Shift’ and it is totally beautiful!

By now, you may already know BP Valenzuela as the electronic music artist behind the songs ‘Bbgirl’ and ‘Steady’. But did you know that aside from that, she also makes some other music with a different sound?

Called by the name ‘half-lit’, this side project of hers shows a more intimate and transparent side of BP as a person and musician. Compared to her usual songs that sound more complex and ventures more into electronic pop, half-lit is noticeably different.


If you are amazed by this news, then you should immediately check half-lit’s SoundCloud account. BP created it to share her more intimate moments with her followers. Moreover in her bio, the artist explains:

half-lit was made in an attempt to channel my post-midnight loneliness into something else ––– and it is something else altogether: a way to reach other people. a way to revel in collective sadness. suddenly i’m not as lonely. – b

In a way, you could look at her side project as a way of music blogging. Because as she said, it’s where she releases some of her personal thoughts and musings. Just like how writers have their own blog to pour out their thoughts, BP also has her own project where she can retreat to.

In SoundCloud, half-lit currently has 1,259 followers. Eight tracks are uploaded with the latest one being released 3 years ago. But don’t worry if a lot of time has passed since then because last October 30, she just released an EP containing 6 tracks!

Paradigm Shift

When we listened to the EP, we thought that it really sounds indie. Moreover, we really liked how genuine the songs sound, created with the motive to merely express feelings and thoughts. It even sounds like the artist herself were whispering into our ears.

We see ourselves listening to it on lonely nights, and even on long road trips. It sounds very much personal, so much that it feels like a music diary. So to BP Valenzuela, thanks for this gem!

Listen to Paradigm Shift by half-lit by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below!

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Did you like the Paradigm Shift EP? Which of the tracks are your favorite? Let us know by sharing your thoughts through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

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