In case you missed it, there is a rising Filipino female rapper that you need to stan now and her name is Zae!

In this country that is teeming with hypocrites and misogynists, there is a female rapper that is making her move to educate the people. Move aside Nik Makino, Zae is here to talk to you about your perspective on women and their bodies.

A young and talented Filipina rapper

Last night, on our regular scrolling through social media (specifically Twitter), we were able to fortunately stumble upon a random video of Zae that is garnering some clout. It is a rap of hers called ‘E-GIRL‘, which talks about the dangers of social media and online validation.

Watch that short yet amazing clip below.

So frickin’ badass and truthful, right? Thankfully because of this, we were also able to see her pinned tweet. There, she was rapping a part from her first single which is obviously ‘Pantsu’.

Pantsu — an empowering protest with a call to action

Like ‘E-GIRL’, Zae wrote this first-ever single herself. It was produced by $NPRD and released under LOCAL, a community and platform that promotes local music from underground artists.

So before everything else, give ‘Pantsu’ a listen first by simply playing the YouTube video below.

Powerful, empowering, a call-out to misogynists — ‘Pantsu‘ is a strong track that really hits right where it should. With well-written lyrics that mirrors problems in our current society, it is really a brave move for Zae to really shove her message within the catchy song.

Just read some of our favorite lyrics from ‘Pantsu’, which even called out Nik Makino’s ‘Neneng B’ – a song which has recently been on fire for its stolen beat and more importantly, its disgusting lyrics.

It ain’t hard to understand
I ain’t speaking no dialect
Everybody deserve respect
If you don’t think so then go check–

–yourself and your morality
Flawed culture, fuck misogyny
Y’all disrespecting Neneng B
But what’s wrong is in how you see

Neneng B, Maria Clara, o ano mang uri
Babae o lalaki – ‘di dapat kanila ang sisi
Boy kahol kahol, tinamaan ka ba tol?
Para kang asong ulol, kamanyakan ‘di macontrol

Really, we were just jamming wholeheartedly to the hip hop track because of how true it was. Possibly, we will continue to sing this repeatedly until misogynist people are uncomfortable enough to change their perspectives. After all, women aren’t really made to please them or anyone.

We have a lot of ways to go before change could be seen in our society, but we really appreciate rappers like Zae who are rising up to call-out the problem loudly. Salute to this woman!

Did you like this rap by the young Filipina rapper? What do you think of the message of the song?

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