A romantic yet painful plead for another chance, the music video of Pangungusap by LUNARLIGHTS featuring Madeline Ramboyong also reflects the beauty of the Filipino language!

‘Pangungusap’ by LUNARLIGHTS  features the vocals of Madeline‘s frontman, Madeline Ramboyong. And you can’t go wrong with their collaboration as they offer a succulent melody about missed chances.

LUNARLIGHTS is an alternative rock outfit, hailing from Malolos, Bulacan. The music video of their single Pangungusap transcends romance as they dedicate it to our mother tongue. And it is quite evident in the light music video they dished out a few days ago. Together with Madeline Ramboyong, they created a whimsically frisky song that leaves you bothered and bewildered at the same time.

 Poetic and romantic

‘Pangungusap’ sings the tune of missed chances in romances. It traces back moments when two people find themselves misunderstanding each other. Through lack of communication or something between those lines. Like your loss for words or sometimes there are too many words coming out of your mouth. And despite the tension, you don’t want it to end. At least not like that. It’s a typical fight scenario between a couple. Yet it’s self-mockingly dramatic tearing you up inside, disturbingly relatable.

While the lyricism of the song is definitely a delight, the visuals don’t get left behind as well. Like the upbeat sound of the song, the music video displays loud and bright colors and typography. Especially with the emphasis of highfaluting words from the song lyrics itself. Though it doesn’t follow a concrete story from the get-go, the band’s appearance shows their personality as musicians.

So be sure to stream ‘Pangungusap’ by LUNARLIGHTS featuring Madeline Ramboyong on Spotify!

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