To wash off the bitter taste of hugot songs off your palate, then you better listen to Palusot Ko’y Maybe by MNL48.

If your playlist is bombarded by the usual hugot songs, then you better wash them down with this track. MNL48’s Palusot Ko’y Maybe is their newest single and we can’t get enough of the pure charm and innocence the song gives.

Palusot Ko’y Maybe is MNL48’s rendition to Japan’s idol group AKB48’s 13th major single, “Iiwake Maybe.”. It reminisces the innocent crush that teens develop. As simple as it sounds, the song tells how our feelings can be in a jumble while figuring it out. But even though the song seems light, the lyrics are quite on point. Remember developing a huge crush on someone and feeling all giddy and bubbly? And in the end, we chase them because that’s what our heart tells us so. The song got it all down, right?

The track features the kawaii Japanese aesthetic of the original sister group, AKB48. The visuals of the music video itself give a breath of fresh air to OPM that we know of. It somehow resembles the visuals of Korean groups and of course, Japanese idol groups. Though it’s a homage to AKB48’s Iiwake Maybe, MNL48 added their own unique flair to it, especially with their matching uniforms. Aside from that, this proves that the Philippines can step up the game when it comes to diversity in music. Not only that, the production value of the MV outdid their previous MV for Aitakatta.

At first, the group encountered mixed reactions from the public. It’s because of the lacking of idol groups in the OPM industry. But despite getting negative reactions before, it looks like MNL48 are striving hard to give it their best. Their fanbase is continuously growing and events kept on coming. So you better watch out for them, because there’s no stopping them.

You can now listen to Palusot Ko’y Maybe by MNL48 in Spotify and other digital platforms!

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