The music video of Pakinabang by Ex Battalion shows a huge step up for the group as they diss on bloodsucking exploiters we call “friends”.

As they enter into a new chapter of their career, Ex Battalion ends the run of negativity in their lives. To show off their growth and newfound motivation, they released the music video of ‘Pakinabang’. Their music might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But their new track proves that they’re more than what people think they are.

Ex Battalion has been one of the most controversial music artists in the local music scene. Like a rags to riches story, they started off from humble beginnings. However, as they progressed, things became complicated for every one of them. They encountered a few mishaps like losing some of their members and even their manager. As those things happen, the hate and negativity they get continue every single day. They might not look like they’re bothered. But the hip-hop rap group shares their two cents with their newest single, Pakinabang.

A surprisingly powerful and motivational diss track

A lot of us have heard of Ex Battalion after their hit song, ‘Hayaan Mo Sila’. And to be perfectly honest, they’ve established themselves with a bad record upfront. However, it seems like they’re up to something better with ‘Pakinabang’. From the monochrome color scheme and banging lyrics, it shows us an Ex Battalion never seen before. In fact, ‘Pakinabang’ might be their best song to date.

A dark satirical take on their hiatus, the music video features them clad in an all-black ensemble for a funeral. To some, it might seem just an ordinary funeral. But there’s a metaphor that lies beyond it.

‘Pakinabang’ talks about people leaving them after using them for their own benefits. Be it friends, workmates or loved ones. They talk about how being an easy-going person lets them get taken for granted. Not only that but also be loathed without having the chance to explain themselves. It might throw some shade to their haters and non-supporters, but there is a reality that lies beyond their words.

Despite running for 7 minutes tops, ‘Pakinabang’ surely reels you in. Rap fanatic or not, it’s a song that surely resonates to the general public, of all walks of life. So be sure to stream ‘Pakinabang’ by Ex Batallion and see it for yourself.

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