The official music video of Pagtingin by Ben&Ben is out and it stars the real-life celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos!

A tease for another collaboration, Ben&Ben’s ‘Pagtingin‘ music video gives us a little bit of a sneak peek. While ‘Pagtingin’ might sound like a positive song of confession, the movie begs to differ!

This isn’t the first time that Ben&Ben collaborates with Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia. A few months ago, they have confirmed that they’ll be starring in an upcoming movie this year. Along with showbiz couple, Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia, of course. It’s where they’ll be showcasing their music in their movie debut appearance. And it got everyone stoked because of the premise of the said movie. LSS follows the story of Sarah and Zack who find themselves falling for each other yet struggles to find the right words to say it.

While ‘Pagtingin’ sounds so positive and hopeful, the music video shows the ambiguity it can give. Mostly because the song encapsulates how feelings grow and the hesitance of a person to reveal what they truly feel.

Pagtingin music video

‘Pag nilahad ang damdamin

Sana ‘di magbago ang pagtingin

Aminin ang mga lihim

Sana ‘di magbago ang pagtingin

In the music video, Gabbi tries to approach Khalil in what seems to be a Ben&Ben gig. However, she chickens out for a bit. She retraces her steps back from her car as a montage of how they meet up until now shows up. The montage displays how they develop their feelings for each other after every road trips, gigs and movie nights.

The whole video dramatizes the narrative of the lyrics. They made use of VHS camera recordings which added flair and personality to the overall look of the video. In fact, the colors and vibe of the music video sit between the line of the contemporary and vintage classic atmosphere.

Aside from the delightful visual treat, the ‘Pagtingin’ music video featured something new from the original track! Ben&Ben’s lead guitarist Poch Baretto and vocalist Migs Guico created a guitar solo. According to the band, the guitar solo just happened in the spur of the moment, while they play around during rehearsals. And it was so good not to record and add to the video!

Anyway, the video ended with Gabbi backing up after seeing Khalil all chummy with another girl. But it seems that their story is not yet over because the end card says “To be continued”. So it only means that we’ll be getting possible new visuals from Ben&Ben’s Limasawa Street tracks along with Gabbi and Khalil.

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