Relaxingly nostalgic, ‘Pag-ibig Sa Tabing Dagat’ by Orange & Lemons succeed in the one thing it’s trying to do—to take us to the seaside as we reminisce!

Places hold a special place in our hearts, especially if they hold memories of love. This song by Orange & Lemons is a very endearing song, one you can romantically slow-dance to! ‘Pag-ibig Sa Tabing Dagat’ is out on Spotify now, and we couldn’t get enough of the emotions it’s giving us! Here they are performing it live!

Orange & Lemons is definitely timeless. They still have it!

A classic

Let’s face it, few people can replace Orange & Lemons as an OPM staple. Their songs defy the test of time and are still widely known and re-made by many artists today. I guess we can say that they are one of those bands that really made a mark in the Filipino music scene, and it’s what we would not forget about them.

My personal favorite of their songs, ‘Hanggang Kailan’ (although many think that the title is ‘Umuwi Ka Na Baby’), has really got us through some sad days. It is still used as a soundtrack in films, and so many covers have been done on it. Sometimes, you just find yourself singing “Umuwi ka na, baby,” whenever you’re missing your S.O.! At least we already got the title part clear!

Pag-ibig Sa Tabing Dagat

Don’t you just love to be by the sea? The sound of the crashing waves, the sunset, the salty breeze… everything just seems to exist to relax you and quiet your mind! Of course, some people come to the sea in search of love, or maybe not, but they just find it. ‘Pag-ibig Sa Tabing Dagat’ is a song that reminisces the love that the songwriter found and built by the sea.

I know you’ll agree with me when I say that the songwriting style that classic OPM bands have will always be better than the modern style. This song is loaded with personifications using the elements you find by the sea. And all of them seem to wonder who the singer is waiting for, or why he’s along when he used to be with somebody. And what’s awesome is that it’s written in such a good way that the words fit the music so well. Plus, the cover art features a lighthouse, too!

Wanna hear the song, too? Stream it on Spotify now!

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