Paasa” people are shaking! Marion Aunor calls out heartbreakers and casanovas in her new angsty track, ‘Paasa’!

Marion Aunor gets away with a little experimenting in her newest single, ‘Paasa’. Unlike her previous songs, she steps out of her comfort zone with an angsty anti-love song. And she slams big fat warning sign about smooth operators who brings nothing but loads of bullshit and heartbreaks.

Award-winning local pop singer-songwriter Marion Aunor became a hit singer through Himig Handog. Ever since, she became a highly regarded singer, not only for her vocal skills but also for her writing skills. While we usually hear her singing pop and jazz tunes, she did add electronic elements to her sound as well. And now, with her newest single, she shows an edgy side of her.

Marion’s gospel truth: “Wag kang aasa sa paasa”

‘Paasa’ by Marion Aunor basically tells you to quit chasing someone who’s just leading you on. It narrates how stupid someone feels after being taken for granted and left hanging by a person who did not intend to commit in the first place. At the same time, it warns you to watch out from those kinds of people. Because once they leave, they’ve left you hurt and your heart in pieces.

The song itself is a bop. It opens with an acoustic feel but gradually builds up from that. The percussion draws the best features of the song, adding that angsty flair. On the other hand, the songwriting is exceptional. It’s raw, blunt and straightforward. No flowery words, no unnecessary poetry. Just the cold, hard truth. And that’s the beauty of it.

If you’ve been in that kind of situation, chasing someone and regretting it afterward, then this song is your jam. ‘Paasa’ by Marion Aunor might have broken her consistency streak in her genre and sound. But it’s nothing but impressive. And it’s arguably the best track among her collection. Do check it out on Spotify and hear her gospel truth.

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