Sad but relieving, Paalam by Moira Dela Torre and Ben&Ben presents that bittersweet acceptance of letting go that we’ve all felt.

And to think we thought nothing can get any sadder. Apparently, we’re wrong. Because the new collaboration between Moira Dela Torre and Ben&Ben had us tearing up!

Moira Dela Torre, one of the most prominent OPM icons of today, teams up with Ben&Ben, a staple favorite of the local music scene. This full-on collaboration plays with the strength of both artists. Moira’s slow lullaby-like melodies and Ben&Ben‘s acoustics, their combined poetic lyricism and amazing vocals. You can definitely distinguish both parties’ signature music flairs. But despite that, this collaborative effort cooks up something new and familiar at the same time.

Bitter goodbye, sweet acceptance

Paalam. Kaya ko na ng wala ka. 

‘Paalam’ is a fusion of a heavy-hitting ballad and a shrill driving beat. It’s punctuated by Ben&Ben’s signature instruments like the violin and percussion, among others. It does sound more like a Moira track but there’s an evident touch of the indie-folk band everywhere.

Aside from the music itself, the story that it paints is as painful as well. Painful yet somehow relieving at some point. It talks about being left behind by the person we loved. Left without any formal closure nor goodbyes. While it walks us to all the laments of a broken heart, it eventually builds up to something more positive in the second half of the song. It lets go. Lets go of the bitter thoughts and look on the brighter side of life.

‘Paalam’ isn’t just voicing out the usual grief. But it draws out the good from the breakup. For example, accepting what happened and being thankful for the memories. Because at the end of the day, life goes on. And all you can do is keep your chin up, move on and remind yourself that you got this.

‘Paalam’ gives us an opportunity to see two amazing OPM icons work together as one. Not only it created a hauntingly perfect song of acceptance and goodbye. But it also emphasized the use of Moira’s and Ben&Ben’s talent. Be sure to stream ‘Paalam’ by Moira Dela Torre and Ben&Ben on Spotify!

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