Sad and full of angst? Over You by Where’s Ramona? is the perfect diss track for your no-good ex!

Resurfacing from god knows where, Where’s Ramona? gets back into action with their newest track, ‘Over You’. From their previous sad discography, they now embrace the angst of a failed love story. Surely, this declares new times for the rising pop punk band.

Where’s Ramoma? draws inspiration from personal encounters and true-to-life stories in writing their music. Themes about a failed romance seemed to have found home within the band. But they’ve been quite consistent beforehand with showing off their soft side. Showing off how that sadness molds a person. However, this time, they voice out their rage and angst, showing another side of an earnest heart.

Way angrier than before

‘Over You’ features Mic’s signature high-pitched voice, gritty guitars and resounding melodies. From their mature impressions, they go back to the roots of pop-punk culture. As far as pop-pun goes back, angsty, raw yet earnest at the most possible way. Like mentioned, it’s nothing short of a diss track to your previous lover. Over their presence, over their memories, over of them. It’s a declaration of mad acceptance of the failed romance that occurred.

In fact, it asks for them to stop going back to them. As if nothing happened. Sucks to be them, right? While the majority of pop-punk bands redefined themselves by moving forward from the angst. Where’s Ramona? uses it as a chance to show that there’s still more to tell from that perspective. Be sure to stream ‘Over You’ by Where’s Ramona? on Spotify!

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