You heard it right, folks! Ours by Ben&Ben was just released last midnight and is giving us major pop feels!

Music is ever evolving but not everyone tries to catch and surf the waves. Trying new things produce a lot of possible outcomes but for bands, it can be a double-edged sword. It can be their biggest break or biggest downfall. Which leads to them to sticking to their comfort zones, playing safe, afraid to not being able to pull it off. Especially for uprising bands. But Ben&Ben begs to differ.

Joining the Elements Music Camp, Ben&Ben was able to step up their game. By trying to get out of their comfort zone, they tried to mix EDM feels to their usual folk-pop. A risky experiment, you might say but it definitely paid off!

Just last midnight, Ben&Ben released their second brand new song and one of them is a collaboration with Harv, an EDM and pop producer from the Elements Music Camp. It was a huge step for the band who are known for their solemn and dreamy melodies. ‘Ours’ by Ben&Ben surely gives off EDM and pop feels with the upbeat arrangement and playful instrumentals.

We really felt like breaking into a dance while belting out ‘Ours.’ They’ve integrated their folk pop with EDM elements so well. The percussion is still there and it really went well with the beats. We would definitely dance along with it if blasts out loud in our favorite bars and clubs.

Aside from the amazing arrangement they’ve done, the lyrics are just superb. Another love song that is theme-song worthy! It would be no surprise if they ever got ‘Ours’ as a theme song for another romance movie.


Is a different kind of love

We found our names up in the stars

From the sky we are above

It is not just a song about embracing love in good times but also in bad times. It’s the best song for your significant other! ‘Ours’ by Ben&Ben is a song of the declaration of love and your SO (significant other) will definitely love this too!

Original rendition of ‘Ours’

But ‘Ours’ by Ben&Ben has been heard by some, even before it was released. If you’re an avid fan of Ben&Ben, you must know that the original ‘Ours’ is actually a song they composed for an on-the-spot-writing challenge with Jungee Marcelo in his This is My Story, This is My Song.

Here is the original rendition and composition of ‘Ours’ by Ben&Ben during This is My Story, This is My Song segment.

Composed and arranged on the spot, who would have believed that they did this gem in such a short time? We are in love with the OG ‘Ours’ by Ben&Ben too!

Ben&Ben is not afraid to explore unchartered waters for their group. And the risk they’ve taken is definitely going to take them to new heights! We are so excited to fall in love with the band and their creations as they move forward.

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