Any Name’s Okay takes us back in time as they released the official music video for their latest single, ‘Orasan’!

After releasing their nostalgic-sounding single entitled ‘Orasan‘, Any Name’s Okay has now released the official music video for it! We felt like wanting to stop the time to spend eternity with the people we love with that single. And to complete the feels, we now have the music video that comes with it. You can watch it right here!


About the music video…

The ‘Orasan’ music video is a masterpiece of fluid takes and brilliant color grading. I’m not going to hold back from talking about it. Have you seen how there were no cuts from the beginning to the ending of the first chorus? The music video contained a lot of fluid takes, and it must have taken a lot of practice to get it right. Also, can we talk about the set? That place took us back to the 1950’s Philippines. Of course, the set is complemented by the brilliant color grading that gave the video a look that is almost like sepia, but not quite. Overall, the feel of the music video is nostalgic, warm, and calming. Paired with the song’s vocals, it’s not any less than perfect.

Nothing but graceful

To top it off, the music video featured a stunning dance routine by Iya Villanueva. Now, we might not know much about her, but we do know that she can move. The band members were shown playing the song while Iya danced her way across the house, and her graceful movements kind of put the entire video together. They simply embodied what the song is supposed to feel like.

‘Orasan’ is supposed to be about remembering a past love without any bitterness. Letting the person go with only one wish- that they don’t forget you. It’s encouraging the other person to draw strength from the memories you shared. The song really warmed our hearts the first time we heard it, and every time we listen to it. This being said, go ahead and add ‘Orasan’ to your playlist! It’s a song you won’t be able to skip! You can stream it right here!

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