Live in the memory of a love that’s past as Any Name’s Okay drops their latest single ‘Orasan’!

Do you sometimes wish you could turn back the clock so you can be with someone again for all eternity? We feel you! Apparently, so does Any Name’s Okay. They just dropped their latest single entitled ‘Orasan’ and it’s available for streaming on Spotify!

Here they are performing it on a live session while we’re at it!


Any Name’s Okay

Any Name’s Okay is an alternative/ pop-rock band from Manila Philippines that is quite known for their upbeat and quirky songs. The band members are Sofia Abrogar on vocals, Renzo Lumanog on vocals and guitar, Mike Armas on lead, Juan Lada on bass, and Arvin Olete on percussion.

Don’t you find it amusing how the band named themselves “Any Name’s Okay”? I imagine they were hanging out thinking of a name for their band and one member just went “Any name’s okay.” And that became their band name. This is just how I imagined it, but I guess only they can tell us!


‘Orasan’ is the band’s third single after ‘Clouds’ and ‘Hawaiian’. While the band is known for their upbeat songs that would make you stand up to your feet and groove, ‘Orasan’ is a quite different sound. It featured a duet between who we think are Sofia and Renzo, and it couldn’t be any more perfect. The song had a bit of a Pinoy folk ring to it, but it blended very well with everything, along with Sofia’s haunting vocals.

Opening with the sound of a ticking clock, ‘Orasan’ talks about the heartwarming feeling of reminiscing a love that’s past. When we think of past love, we think of pain, but there is hardly any pain or hate in this song. It’s full of good wishes, with the hope that the other person doesn’t forget what they have shared together. The song is encouraging the other person to go on even when it’s hard and hold on to the thought of their memory, their mementos, and draw strength from there. Overall, we can say that the song excelled in all that it’s trying to do– warm our hearts and urge us not to be bitter of the people who’ve gone but only wish them well… and hope that they don’t forget.

This being said, ‘Orasan’ deserves to be a mainstay in our playlists, and this is one song you won’t skip! Stream it on Spotify now!

We’re definitely still hung up on this song (might even play this on repeat today)! What did you think about ‘Orasan’? Did you like the slight change in the band’s genre? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!