Bad decisions can often feel good. But when the reality of your mistake finally hits, that’s when the painful truth seeps in. Here’s ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay!

The 6-piece band FourPlay writes songs about love, hate, and everything in between. With their hit song ‘One Night Stand’ reaching 1 million streams and their last release ‘Sayo‘ being part of the OST for the ‘Jowable’ movie, FourPlay releases their 4th song on all digital platforms!

Check out the lyric video for their new single, ‘Di Na Uulit’ right HERE:

Di Na Uulit by FourPlay

There are a lot of ways to interpret this new single by FourPlay, and is actually one of its great aspects. Songs can impact each person in a different way. Listeners have the tendency to form their own interpretation and affect them in a manner different from the others. With FourPlay’s ‘Di Na Uulit’, here are the three scenarios that I imagined and felt while listening to their new (and really good) single.

Art by Tatie Aquino

1. Post-breakup relapse

Alam ko namang pagod na

Di na kailangang pilitin

Di na dapat tayo mag panggap

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It’s quite common, right? When you break up with someone, not everyone usually just moves on in a snap. Most of us, if not all, have a relapse where we meet up with our ex, cuddle, and even spend the night with them. Only to wake up next to them the following morning with the full-on realization that it doesn’t change anything and it’s really over. Hopefully, though, that one relapse is enough for you to realize that it’s a mistake and you should finally decide on truly closing that chapter of your life. Because you can’t keep on having that relapse, it’ll just keep on hurting you.

2. Falling for a FUBU

Inumaga ka ng dating

Na gising na ako sa lamig ng iyong pag alis

Mga luhang di mo na papansin

Umaasa na sana’y iyong mahalin

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The other scenario that painted into my mind while listening to ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay is when you fall in love with a FUBU. Yes, I know. That’s the sacred rule when you’re entering that set-up, right? Don’t fall in love with your FUBU, duh! But let’s face it, the shortcut to falling in love can actually be that kind of set-up. It is when you are most vulnerable to your thoughts and your emotions. I know a lot of people who started out as FUBUs but ended up as something more. Yet taking in the context of FourPlay’s new single, it can be the most usual possibility. That only one falls in love. So safeguard your heart. Don’t put yourself under this circumstance if you know you fall easily!

3. Sad individuals seeking distraction

Nasayang lang qng gabi

Na punta lang sa ating pagkakamali

Siya ang taong di ko dapat mahalin

Ginagawang katotohanan ang panaginip

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Ever been too miserable that you decided to do something self-destructive? Well, we all probably did it once in our lives. Some drink until they pass out while some spend the night with another person fully aware that they’ll regret it the next morning. Intentionally causing another mistake won’t cancel out the others. Sometimes, it creates an even bigger problem. It can really be a hassle especially if this person is close to you. People tend to find comfort in others in such a manner, but being sad won’t give you a free pass to hop on bad decisions.

Whatever the meaning is for you of ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay, I think we could all agree on something.  This song can open your eyes to your mistakes, wrong decisions, and painful truth.

So if you want to take some time and reflect on that or you just want to listen on some great new track, then stream it now on Spotify! And if you want to hear this song live, head off to FourPlay’s gig tonight at Bagnet 8065 Co.

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What’s your interpretation of the song? Anything you want to share with us? We want to know how ‘Di Na Uulit’ by FourPlay tugged at your emotions! Share us your thoughts down below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph. We wanna know what you think!