Fourplay’s One Night Stand MV would surely make you sing out “Sobrang guloooo”. Why? Check out the music video now!

We all fell in love with Fourplay’s ‘One Night Stand‘. Don’t deny that you’ve streamed this song countless times, because I know I did and I’m proud of it! Fourplay is a 6-piece band who writes songs about love, hate, and everything in between. And this hit song surely highlights that.

And finally, just an hour ago, the band released the much-awaited ‘One Night Stand’ MV. Check it out right here:


One of the reasons why ‘One Night Stand’ is such a hit is because of the attack and relatability of the song. It’s a painful slap reminding you that a one night stand is all that there is to it. Just one night. But being humans, we’re a slave to our emotions. And sometimes, the scary possibility of being attracted to that person over a one-time thing can become real. The rules are quite simple: Just one night. No strings attached. Don’t fall in love.

But of course, things are not always black and white. After the fun and excitement, you’d come to question if the beer hit you hard or if its the feelings that are starting to bubble up.

The music video

Fourplay’s ‘One Night Stand’ MV started out with two individuals waking up next to each other. At first, I thought they’re just two people who spent the night together but did the common mistake of staying overnight and waking up wrapped in each other’s arms. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case because one cuddle to the next, we see the male protagonist sneakily texting another girl (let’s call her Girl #2)!

They texted about meeting up and the “sobrang gulooooo” line of the song kept on repeating at the back of my mind. Cos seriously… what? Are both girls just a “one-night” thing? Are they both his fubus? Or is he in a relationship with one of them? Is the guy in a casual affair but courting someone? Tell me!

When they meet, however, it becomes clear that Girl #1 is the “original” one. This is the moment when I’m still unsure whether or not they are officially in a relationship or just a complicated setup lol! The music video shows how the guy seems to be really happy with Girl #2 and how she’s in such a bliss herself.

Sobrang gulooooo

They spent the night on a romantic date and we see then that they ended up in an intimate position on the couch. The same couch that the guy was cozied up with Girl #1 (eek!). And as he and Girl #2 enjoy each other’s company, things are spiraling down with Girl #1 as we see a series of fights and tensions between them.

He was obviously losing Girl #1. It’s not clear on whether or not she caught him with Girl #2 or everything is just going downhill between them. But I’ll take a bet on the former.

And as everything is obviously coming to an end with Girl #1, the romance keeps on heightening with Girl #2. The guy didn’t even show much effort in making Girl #1 stay, because since another girl is head over heels for him, he won’t end up alone lol.

Fourplay’s cameo

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The music video then showed the male protagonist arriving at Mow’s Bar and had a drink with his friends. Which is my favorite part because some of the Fourplay members are in the MV! We see Pio Bagnol (vocalist), Bogart Calubayan (bassist), Lawrence Luna (guitarist), and Jacob Pacifico (drummer). The band members and the lead guy are obviously talking about his “break up” with Girl #1. They are then called for their set and we see them perform ‘One Night Stand’.

However, while the male protagonist was watching their set, Girl #2 arrives by the entrance. It then turned into a confrontation as she shows a photo of Girl #1. The question of whether or not she was aware of Girl #1 was finally answered. The guy tried to stop her from leaving, but in the end, the two girls left him.

Everything that’s happening may be “sobrang gulo” (that’s the point right? lol!), but let’s face it. It happens. If its the one-night stand condition and the complications that come along with it or being with more than one partner, these two are really prominent nowadays. Not only is the song relatable, but the MV as well! And of course, the lighting in this music video definitely screams “Fourplay” especially if you know their logo!

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