These boys are back with a hot tune to sizzle your playlist this coming cold season—One Night Stand by Fourplay MNL dropped on Spotify and we can’t wait to talk about it with you!

We’ve talked about their song ‘Soon’ dropping on Spotify recently, and it seems like this rising hot band in town is not yet done making us feel things. Because last Friday (November 9), One Night Stand by Fourplay MNL dropped on Spotify.

And for those who already know this song by heart, we bet you can’t wait for their official music video, right? While we’re stuck waiting, here’s a studio performance of ‘One Night Stand’ for y’all!

Band members Pio Bagnol (vocals/guitar), Tin Garcia (guitar), Lawrence Luna (guitar), Bogart Calubayan (backup vocals/bass), and Marc Jacob Pacifico (drums) are back at it again with such an intimate song for us to listen to!

We’re sure that Fourplay MNL fans know this song already! And we are positive you were celebrating when ‘One Night Stand’ made its way back to Spotify. We know we were greeted with such a good morning because of this one! So now, let’s talk about this hot new track, shall we?

What truly hit you?

‘One Night Stand’ is a very relatable song for those who are very open when it comes to their interests—whether it’s with alcohol or intimate relationships.

Because really now—for those who love enjoying a bottle of beer or a shot of tequila (and probably more), you’d pretty much know what this song is all about. When intoxicated by alcohol, some finds themselves going home with someone wrapped in their arms. And when the day comes and they are sober enough, questions begin to rain down.

Sobrang gulo,
Saan ba ko tinamaan?
Sa alak o sayo?
Saan ba ko tinamaan?
Sa alak o sayo?

In a very conservative country like the Philippines, the topic of having one night stands are not talked about very openly. But come on, guys! It’s 2018, right? It happens all the time. And that’s what this song is all about: how one night stands happen with no strings attached but sometimes, emotions can really do get in the way of that momentary fun.

When too consumed by alcohol, you get all confused and start wondering what’s really hitting your system. Is it the alcoholic drink or the person you spent the night with?

And we guess that’s the hardest part when it comes to one night stands, right? It should all just be fun and games. But when you get attached and start wishing for that person to still be with you the next day, it actually ruins the whole concept.

A relatable song for those in this position, right? And even if you aren’t, this song is definitely worth the listen and should definitely land a spot in your playlist!

What do you think of One Night Stand by Fourplay MNL? Can you relate to the message of this song? Or do you know someone who would? Tell us in the comment section below! Better yet, send us message on our Facebook page or on Twitter @UdoUph! We’d love to hear from you!