One Click Straight album alert! We got an invitation from the boys just this Wednesday, to attend their exclusive listening party for The Midnight Emotion at Spektral Beer Lounge that same night.

Yes, this event was for their debut album with Offshore Music. And it was a little short notice, but we’ve heard about this band a lot, and we’re dying to hear this  One Click Straight album called The Midnight Emotion!

You might stay that we stan this band and even talked about why you should listen to one of their singles here. So we thought it’d be a cool opportunity to meet them, and see what their debut album called —that’s out NOW, btw—is all about.

So we met the boys of ONE CLICK STRAIGHT ○●○○

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And they even invited all of us to join the album launch of The Midnight Emotion on October 12! It’s going to be at Route 196, and make sure you finish the whole video because they revealed a couple of surprises too.


Dying to hear THE One Click Straight album? We got you.

Listen to The Midnight Emotion right here, RIGHT NOW!


And while you listen to the freshest tracks from the One Click Straight album, here are Tim, Sam, Toffer, and Joel talking about, what else, but ‘The Midnight Emotion’.

So we’re interviewing you guys from the listening party of your debut album—The Midnight Emotion. So why are you guys calling it that? Why ‘The Midnight Emotion’?

Tim: Basically, ‘The Midnight Emotion’ really came from what we think and what we feel at our most vulnerable state. It’s basically—it came from an idea that when we are all alone, when actually, when no one’s around us we’re so self-aware of things, and how we feel. That’s our purest form of ourselves, and with that state of mind we came up with these songs—with that idea.

And I guess that everything that we went through, everything that surrounded us at that time, that’s, basically, for me—that’s what The Midnight Emotion is.

Sam: It’s basically a collage of your midnight thoughts, you know what I mean? And it’s put on musical form, that’s basically it. Everything he said in one sentence.

For tonight’s listening party, you guys had a special One Click Straight “Flight drink” here at Spektral Beer Lounge. What was the inspiration for that?

Tim: Ah, yeah. The taste. I think it was based on, I think our character. The crazy one, the coolest-of-them-all one, the eldest-of-them-all one, the okay-dude. I don’t know, to be honest, we just had to. ‘Cause you know we like treating people, we like blessing people with you know, stuff and gifts, so.

So were a lot of your songs written at midnight?

Sam: Exactly, exactly. With that state of mind, when you’re in bed.

Toffer: It’s not, basically, the songs are like, inspired from you being alone in bed at night, thinking about your life. It could be about you driving alone at night. It could be you with your girlfriend or boyfriend, alone, and stuff like that. [It could be] us playing shows—the whole Midnight Emotion experience put in one collage, that’s it, basically.

What was the inspiration for your album art?

Sam: For us, every track has its own story, you know what I mean? Every track is a life form in itself. So I think, we put, every piece of art has their own picture. And it depicts what the message is about, stuff like that. So it’s like, what we’re trying to say is individually, there’s like an art for each. But there’s one major artwork for the whole body of sound, and it will be out on October 5.

That’s a lot of art. So, how long did you guys work on this album?

Sam: We started recording late last year. But we started writing it two years ago already, so it’s been a while. It’s been a—it’s well thought of.

Tim: We started writing after ‘Nostalgic’, our first EP. Or wait, before that, even. And yeah, from then on. That was 2016. So we spent a lot of time just really working hard for this record.

Toffer: I just want to plug in, that’s why I think the album means so much to us—’cause it’s not, it wasn’t forced that we had to, “Oh, we got to make an album!” It was just, we were just writing songs, we were making our music, we were homing our skills in like production and stuff like that. And it just happened, you know. Time was upon us and now The Midnight Emotion has to come out kinda thing.

For the songs in this album, do you think that you guys have a usual theme?

Sam: That’s the thing. Honestly, we didn’t really think of, you know, going that direction. Actually, it was just like, we just wanted to create the stuff we wanted to. And at the end of the day, we were looking back in retrospect, it was like, “Okay, we have this direction that we went to pala.”

And I think that it was like, it wasn’t a decision that in every song, it has to feel like this…It was only when in half of the album done or three-fourths [done], that we realized that “Okay, it’s The Midnight Emotion.” It wasn’t like from the start.

(L-R) Tim – drums; Sam – guitars; Toffer – vocals, bass; Joel – guitars

If you guys can each pick your favorite song off of this One Click Straight album (The Midnight Emotion) which would it be?

Toffer: I choose ‘Mystery’ ’cause it’s a love song. I really love it. I really love that song.

Joel: I like ‘Foolish’ ’cause sometimes I’m just a foolish guy, you know? And I relate.

Tim: I like ‘Silk’ ’cause it’s a short song, but you know, the statement’s there. It’s about fame, vanity, and all that stuff, the visual arts and everything else. That’s good stuff, yeah.

Sam: Honestly, I have to go with what he said. I would like to go with ‘Silk’ as well. Honestly, with that song, I really wanted to tackle stuff about society, and how we look at celebrities as our saviors. But honestly, I just personally believe that they’re just human beings.

Or ‘Velvet’. I don’t know, that’s important as well. But ‘Velvet’ because I love the meaning of that song. When we started writing that song, there was this [vision] of a girl. It’s basically about this woman that is swallowed up by the media. And she doesn’t know who she is, but she’s so egotistic and everything else. But deep down inside, she’s so, you know—full of fear and everything and in that song, it just talks about that. And at the end, we just want to tell her that she’s beautiful, you know? She doesn’t have to pretend. That’s the song.

(L-R) Tim – drums; Sam – guitars; Toffer – vocals, bass; Joel – guitars

Catch One Click Straight in their album release party at Route 196 on October 12. Tickets will be LIMITED. So make sure you head on over to OffShore Music‘s official site.

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