Flawed yet unproblematic. The music video of NOTHING LIKE by Quest paints a vivid picture of the love we dream about.

NOTHING LIKE by Quest is nothing like any other love song we’ve heard. Typically, we hear about the overflowing love and devotion of one person to another. No footnotes, no follow-ups just that. But Quest takes it up a notch with his song that talks about a love that isn’t like any other.

Quest is known for his versatility in music. Not only that but also the high quality of production in all of his aesthetics. His image, his sound and visuals as well. And the music video of NOTHING LIKE proves how dedicated he is to his art. It seems to be shot outside the country together with Megan Batoon as the lead actress in the MV.

Unproblematic ode about love

“…dancing through the chaos cheek bone to cheek bone”

The storytelling of the song is clever and uniquely executed. Not to mention, the cinematography shows consistency all throughout the video. Every frame of the video perfectly fits the song’s progression. Even the little details. And Megan Batoon perfectly fits the love interest of Quest’s role in the music video itself. An odd couple, you might call it but there’s something charming about the two of them together that you can’t quite determine.

Quest revealed that NOTHING LIKE describes the love he daydreams about. Flawed but unproblematic. We’ve heard love songs describe their dying love to someone. How strong it is, how powerful, how solid. But that’s all it. Quest talks about the beauty of love’s journey. It bares the ups and downs of a relationship. And how you see your partner through your loving eyes, flaws and all. And that’s just beautiful.

Quest, yet again never fails to deliver a groundbreaking music video that goes beyond the local music scene. Be sure to support NOTHING LIKE by Quest and add it on your Spotify playlist!

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