Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez just dropped ‘Nobenta’ and it’s sure to bring you back to your younger, happier days!

‘Nobenta’ is a throwback song to the Pinoy ’90s kid childhood! It’s nostalgic, it’s chill, it’s a blast to the past! And it might just be the song that would make you miss your great childhood.

On the same note, they also released the song’s official music video, and it stayed true to the song’s meaning! Take a look at it!


Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez

We appreciate good music, but we think it’s about time we take the time to know the people behind it! Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez is a five-piece band that gives us a taste of good music with just the right feels. The band is made up   Enriquez on guitar and vocals, Gabriel Dandan on guitar, Alex Price on drums, Luigi Montelibano on bass and Migui Bautista on percussions.

They definitely stay true to their name! ‘Nobenta’ is just their first song this year, but with that talent, they’re sure to serve you some good dishes with a lot of different flavors!

Taking a sad turn

The song, while being nostalgic and taking us back to our childhood, took a painfully sad turn towards the end of it. While the song talked about childhood memories like playing under the rain, going to school and seeing your crush, and playing outside all day, the end gives you a snap back to the cruel reality. Towards the end, the singer sang about eating dinner all alone, which makes him miss the good old days.

Bigla ko lang nakita ang itrato ng buong pamilya

Isang tirahang sama sama

Ang bawat isa’y mahalaga

Oras na ng hapunan

Wala akong kasama

’90s kids have definitely grown into adults now. All of us. And as sad as it is, we often see the same thing happening with us. We find ourselves alone, not having anyone to even eat with. When these moments hit us, we can’t help but miss the good old times when we have our mothers and grandmas to cook good food for us, good friends to hang out with, and none of the world’s worries.

It kinda makes me sad that kids from today’s generation don’t get to experience the same pure and genuine fun that we had as kids. Of course, we can’t force anything on them, but seeing them glued to their phones and growing up too fast is really sad. They’re missing out on so much, and it’s great to have ‘Nobenta’ to remember those days and relive them all in all. I think that’s the greatest to become of a song– when it makes precious memories eternal.

We definitely recommend adding this to your playlist!

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