Evolutionary not revolutionary. Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover’ uncharted territories of unadulterated love and self-discovery.

Once more, Taylor Swift wows us with a new epic album. ‘Lover’, her seventh album, upholds the beauty of love with romantic overtones about social issues. And as much we love every other TS album, ‘Lover,’ is no doubt, the best one to grace the public.

The 29-year old singer-songwriter has always been known for her love songs. From being the doe-eyed country singer to the fierce pop icon, we’ve witnessed Taylor’s growth in the past years. She had produced innocent love songs, shady diss tracks and self-love anthems. And every single one of them holds every story Taylor experienced all throughout her life. But this time, from a tenacious snake in ‘Reputation’, she morphs into a butterfly in ‘Lover’.

Dreamy, evolutionary, romantic

The 18-track album ‘Lover’ holds songs nothing like any other she has released. She reminisces about life in general. The unadulterated love and romance, the tacky social issues and the journey of one’s self-discovery. It’s more about facing life head-on with all the positivity and love you can carry. There’s no shade, no hidden messages, no bitter lamentations. Just pure love radiating about everything to be thankful in life.

In the titular track ‘Lover’, Taylor Swift goes back to her roots: country. It displays her in her best-liberated version that will ever be. It has a bit of a throwback to her previous track, ‘Mary’s Song’. Like a reprise but with a much more concrete ideal. On the other hand, ‘The Archer’ connotes her reflection of herself for the past years. It does have a gradual buildup but the somber melody turns to a startling one hooks you right then and there. While the rest of her song recalls a few her past tracks and significant encounters in life.

All in all, the album is pure-hearted and forgiving. Gone are the hate, bitterness, and defensiveness from ‘Reputation’. ‘Lover’ replaces it with self-love and self-appreciation of all the good things in life. True, this album shows the beauty of the metamorphosis of a lady who’s been through a lot in her life. And ‘Lover’ celebrates Taylor Swift as she enters this new phase in her life.

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