Soothe your broken heart and dry your tears because No More Tears by Side A and Keiko Necesario knows how it feels like to wish we could turn back time.

Moving on ain’t easy as it sounds like. For some people, it can take long drastic healing process before you can put yourself back out there. Before you can forget the love and all the memories you’ve had with your ex-partner. But this new somber ballad tells you how we wish things were different. Hoping that we could still fix things and go back to where we were before.

Side A, a premiere OPM band, stirs us once more with another romantic ballad. Together with singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario, they bring another heartbreaking song for the broken-hearted. It unfolds slowly, with themes of emotional uncertainty but pulls you in with it’s crushing reality.

No More Tears

As much as the song seems hopeful, it’s quite the contrary. You might think that the song asks you to dry your tears and keep on moving on. But on the contrary, it embodies the emotions we feel when we try to move on. The hardship of moving on, so to speak. How we want them back so the tears would stop. And how we wish we could just stay forever in the moment with them and treasure it forever. It reeks desperation but it’s the truth that we can’t deny. Because that’s how we usually think when we experience a breakup.

There’s a beauty to it, though. Despite the grand illusion we try to drown ourselves, you know deep inside that you’d have to move on. Eventually. It will take a long time. But you’ll definitely get there. It’s nothing but an alluring song of loss and regret.

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