Rocksteddy snaps us back to reality with their new single ‘No Label’ and the music video couldn’t get more hilarious!

You heard it right! As if the single was not enough to wake us up from our daydreams, Rocksteddy also released the official music video for the song. And it’s a major reality slap!


50’s vibe

The music video takes us back to the Philippines’ 50’s era, from the sepia tone to unmistakeable elements like the Walkman and text cards that we used to play as kids out on the streets. In a similar way, the characters’ clothing is also reminiscent of the era. Not only that, but they also used an old film effect on the video! Overall, the video has a very nostalgic vibe to it.

A funny story…

On the other hand, the music video presented us with two characters, and all throughout the music video, you’d think they’re couples who are actually having fun together, listening to music, and stuff. Most of the video showed them being sweet and all, but then near the end, another guy showed up and it was revealed that they were only posing for a photo shoot! However, it can be seen that the guy has some type of feelings for the girl, but the girl apparently likes the camera guy who’s taking the photos. Of course, it’s a serious case of assuming things when they clearly have no label, and you could tell that the band’s not a fan of it because Teddy’s poker face shows it all.

As a matter of fact, relationships with “no labels” or “no commitments” are very common nowadays which means if you haven’t been in one, then you probably know someone who has. In relation to this, Rocksteddy used different scenarios common to a relationship without labels to end each chorus to add a sense of variety to the song. And we can all relate!

Wala namang label
(Hashtag At The Moment)
Wala namang label
(Puro laro walang commitment)
Wala namang label
Hindi naman kayo
Pero bakit naka holding hands?
Ba’t ka naka yakap dyan?
Bakit ka nagde demand?
Bakit ka nasasaktan?

If this doesn’t make you want to call that person and DTR, I don’t know what will! What did you think about the ‘No Label’ MV? Let us know in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!