No need for a “hugot” music video concept with this already heartbreaking single. Just great production and all-out performance! Check out the MV of ‘Reserba’ by Callalily now!

‘Reserba’ by Callalily was released last year and broke our hearts. Whether or not you can relate to the song, it can definitely give your emotions a nudge. It talks of how you invested your feelings, time, and trust to someone only for you to realize that they don’t feel the same. To make it worse, you find out that they’re with someone else, realizing you were just an option.

Check out our Micdrop vlog and why ‘Reserba’ made it to our best hugot songs of 2019 right HERE:

Despite the painful message of this song, as Valentine’s Day draws near, I wish you all heartbroken people would take the time focusing on self-love instead. It’s the month of love after all, right?

‘Reserba’ Music Video

Don’t expect a “hugot” story with this music video. Because truth be told, we don’t need another heartbreaking song with an overly emotional MV concept. The ‘Reserba’ music video has a great production set up and would remind you how great the Callalily members are when it comes to performing.

Check out the music video right HERE:

Simple yet a very beautiful production—I haven’t realized how I’ve missed music videos like this where you can clearly see the collaboration of art and performance without a “hugot” storyline. And of course, this music video of ‘Reserba’ was directed by none other than John Prats while the master editor is Sam Milby! The MV was produced by Bright Bulb Productions. So if you loved the overall setup, you can also check out the behind the scenes and witness the meeting of minds and creativities in the making of ‘Reserba’.

Callalily is celebrating their 15th year anniversary in the music scene! And from what you can see from the MV of ‘Reserba’, without a doubt, Callalily remains timeless and resilient to the constantly changing local scene. Truly a classic band that continues to serve as an inspiration and motivation for aspiring Filipino artists.

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