A new single from Sabu is out and its entitled ‘New Season’. Take a step forward and live in the light by listening to this song now!

Solo artist Sabu, the Awit Awards 2018 Best New Artist, kickstarts the year with a brand new single ‘New Season’. Sabu’s debut single ‘Walk Alone’ made her win her first Awit Award in 2018 and her song ‘Validation’ was nominated as Best Folk Recording at the Awit Awards 2019! One of her songs entitled ‘Glances’ was also a part of the OST of Nadine Lustre’s movie ‘Ulan‘.

Starting the year, Sabu’s new single called ‘New Season’ is quite soothing with such powerful and inspiring lyrics. Check out the lyric video right HERE:

Thought I was better off alone
Then it was darkness for so long

New Season by Sabu

Growing up in a Christian community, Sabu goes back to her roots with her latest release ‘New Season’. Shining light on her faith and perseverance despite the hards times and obstacles—her soothing yet upbeat song’s goal is to bring light to the listeners. An inspiration to go on by holding on to the people you love when you are lost in the dark.

Photography and Creative Direction by Nukie Timtiman; Letter Art by Patricia Portugal

The message that ‘New Season’ wants to convey is about finding your way out of whatever feeling or negative position you are stuck in. It reminds you that no matter how isolated you are feeling, you are definitely not alone. The song and its melody encourage you to hold on to the people around you and face those challenges with them. It inspires a new day has come for those who have been struggling and wrestling through their darkest nights. To be able to help people walk out of their feeling of hopelessness while listening to her music—that’s ‘New Season’ by Sabu.

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