Moving on is one vicious cycle and sometimes it’s not that easy despite the effort. Katy Perry is serving us some sick anthem yet again, and ‘Never Really Over’ might just be the song we need!

‘The One That Got Away’ officially became our very own theme song for our TOTGAs, and ‘Thinking of You’ for exes we still have feelings for… even if we already have someone new. When it comes to heartfelt love songs we can all relate to, Katy Perry never disappoints! This time, Katy tells us that it’s okay to take our sweet time moving on and that it’s never an easy process. ‘Never Really Over’ serves us just the right amount of pain and experience. Check the official music video out!

The official music video has a very Katy-like feel to it. From ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’, ‘Birthday’, ‘California Girls’, and many more, Katy makes sure her videos POP with color, and this one is no different. Only this time, the music video has a little faded vibe to it, which is supposed to make the whole thing feel softer.

Katy’s MV also held a lot of quirky symbolisms such as her trying different “healing” things. Towards the end of the MV, Katy is shown to have a tattoo of half a heart on her palm and she found the person who has the other half riding a bus!

Never Really Over

If you have ever experienced the vicious cycle of trying to move on from a past relationship, this song is perfect for you. You already know how it goes. Baby steps ’till you make it, but it’s not just that. Sometimes, despite the conscious effort that we make to not think of the person, they just keep slithering back into our minds. We don’t want to entertain the thought because then we’d be back to square one. It’s that moment when you think you’ve finally done it. You’ve moved on! But then they come over again and make you realize how not really over you are. And that’s okay because somewhere in your hopeless little heart, you still consider them as the best thing to ever happen to you.

‘Never Really Over’ encapsulates that journey all in all. The song tells us that it’s okay to not fully move on yet. We can take our time, and we’re not the only ones going through this! The song takes on a very deceiving happy tune despite the song’s message, but somehow it all ties up! It’s hopeless and hopeful at the same time. ‘Never Really Over’ shows that moving on is hard to do when you really don’t want to forget.

You can stream the song on Spotify, too!

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