‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo! is here and it’s a song that warns us about regrets!

In this day and age, burnout from work or studies is a well known and widely accepted phenomenon. And the causes are as varied as there are shows to watch on Netflix. Sometimes it can simply be due to fatigue, but sometimes the cause goes way deeper.

So take the time and ask yourself what’s really causing it. Are you simply not happy with what you’re doing? But why aren’t you happy? Is what you’re doing your own choice or someone else’s?

In life, it’s important to make your own choices, especially when it comes to education or career choices. And ‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo! warns us of the regret we’ll feel when we don’t make those choices on our own.

‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo!


There is a special room in our hearts for songs that talk about societal issues. And ‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo! discusses one that’s close to the hearts of Filipino youths everywhere.

You see, as Filipinos, it’s inherent within us to value our parents’ opinions. But our Filipino parents often don’t listen to what we want. Especially if it’s a career in the music or arts path. And this is our two cents on the matter, but we have a strong feeling that when Oh, Flamingo! sings:

Ano ba talaga

Ano ba ang halaga?

Ako ba o sila

Sinong mas halaga?

Sino ba?

They’re trying to figure out if they should listen to their parents’ opinions or their own. Yes, it’s important to listen to your parents’ advice. But if you just follow blindly you’ll end up feeling empty. You’ll wake up every day not knowing why you got up in the first place, exactly as they sing:



Na ‘di alam ang dahilan

Their parents’ support is what we love to see in 2020!


Filipinos have close family ties, which is why the Western concept of children moving out of family homes is still a very foreign concept to us. And why we often have households full of extended family, which is generally a good Filipino trait.

But there are also negative ones, Filipino parents also have the tendency to impose what they think is best for their children. Specifically when it comes to what career path or college degree to take. And often dismissing careers or degrees they think would not make their children “successful.” But what if it’s their child’s dream, right?

And that’s why we’re so happy to see the parents of Oh, Flamingo! supporting their children in their craft. Especially since the music industry is not as definite as other traditional careers. It’s exactly the kind of attitude we love to see in 2020!

In the end, we hope you take heed in the MV for ‘Naubos Na’ by Oh, Flamingo!. We hope you don’t wait until you’re old and full of regret until you finally decide what you want and do what makes you happy. So go out there and make your own choices! And live your own life! Do what makes you happy! You do you!

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