The music video of Fools by Nathan & Mercury offers a somber solace for those who are still holding on. Check it out and its beautiful MV now!

At long last, Nathan & Mercury finally releases the official music video of ‘Fools’! Everyone has been waiting for this music video. And all we can say is that the music video is definitely worth the wait. Bringing life to the story of being a fool in love, they’ve delivered a true-to-life clip of a failed love story.

Nathan & Mercury has always been a breath of fresh air in the local music scene. Mixing a concoction of pop and R&B, with a dash of soul, gospel and funk, they always bring something new to the table. The quartet has been enigmatic in terms of their art. But they always make sure that they bring the best of what they can. And of course, incorporating their aesthetic to it as well. And the music video of Fools is no exception to their commitment in bringing top-notch art.

A menacing and tragic love story

Amazing would be an understatement. But it is indeed to find the right words to describe how sensational the music video is. ‘Fools’ by Nathan & Mercury clearly narrates how we make a fool out of ourselves when in a relationship. At first, it sounds like a romantic ode to your beloved. However, as it gradually builds up, you’d realize that the song is nothing but an ode to a dying relationship.

The music video, as mentioned, is a cinematic delight. The church scene looks like straight out of a highly-regarded motion-picture. And the combination of modern cinematography and the use of VHS clips perfectly fits. For their first music video, they’ve definitely made a wonderful masterpiece.

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