This Band has just released the MV for their song ‘Nang Iwan’, and it tells the tale of a deeper kind of loss.

Nang Iwan MV by This Band

Heads up for those who absolutely loved ‘Nang Iwan’ by This Band, because they just released the MV today! And it stars the amazingly talented Yassi Pressman!

It’s one thing to be left behind by a person who chooses to leave. And it’s a completely different thing to be left behind by a person who didn’t choose to leave. So, unlike our initial thoughts on the now popular song about heartbreak, the MV shows a different kind of sorrow.

The ‘Nang Iwan’ MV by This Band is a masterful tale of loss, grief, and sorrow. So we’re warning you now, ready your tissues, because the MV had us moved to tears! Watch it right now:

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‘Nang Iwan’ MV by This Band

Nang Iwan MV by This Band

The song itself was released earlier this year in July, and since it’s debut it has racked up a total of 7 million streams on Spotify. And we can easily say that it’s now one of the band’s signature songs. And now finally, the ‘Nang Iwan’ MV by This Band was released yesterday afternoon on December 1. So let’s dissect this very moving music video, shall we?

At first, we completely missed the fact that everyone was wearing black. And that it equated to attending a funeral. So by the ending, we were caught very off guard. Although the feelings were jarring, as we felt the weight of losing someone you love through death. But it wasn’t unwelcome, as it was mournfully beautiful, to say the least.

And we simply cannot complete this article without acknowledging Yassi Pressman’s performance in the music video, it was perfectly spot on! Simply put, her performance had us moved to tears.

Overall, the ‘Nang Iwan’ MV by This Band had us invested right off the bat! Every single scene that reminded her of the life they used to have was a stab to the heart. The matching mugs, eating alone, and the pair of toothbrushes that became the catalyst for the sorrow to come crashing down. Because there is nothing heavier than the sudden and complete absence of someone you love.

So what did you think of the ‘Nang Iwan’ MV by This Band? Were you reduced to tears like we were?

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*Header photo shot by Rex Joshua Alarcon America