LATEST DROP: Nang Iwan by This Band

Bittersweet and melancholic, Nang Iwan by This Band would make you realize that you’re much better off the person who just left and took you for granted.

Another one for the aching hearts, This Band never fails to disappoint us with their newest track. As painful as the title sounds, ‘Nang Iwan’ doesn’t just torment your heartbreak. But it also lets you realize the regret of putting much into something that should have ended a long time ago.

This Band really knows how to pick on the brokenhearted. For a while now, they’ve been releasing songs that are just plain painful. And their newest single isn’t different from the rest. However, it tells a new story of pain and heartbreak that everyone can relate to.

Nang Iwan

Bakit ba binuhos panahon ko sa iyo

Hindi na dapat pang inalay sa ‘yo ang puso ko

Ngayon ako’y nahihirapan, kala ko’y walang hangganan

Ang sakit-sakit isipin

Na ako’y iyong iniwan

We’ve heard hundreds of songs telling how much we regret when someone leaves us. Regretting all the missed chances or missing them from time to time. But ‘Nang Iwan’ by This Bands tells the other side of the coin. Regretting how much you’ve sacrificed for everything, only to be left at the end.

It’s like a cautionary tale of a festering relationship. Where you question your sacrifices, actions and eventually, your worth. Only to be taken for granted in the end. Which sounds problematic, if you ask me. Love can be rewarding yet punishing at the same time. It’s a risk, diving headfirst in the dark. But ‘Nang Iwan’ reminds you to check on yourself too. To take a step back and reflect. Because it entails the tale of the pain someone taken for granted experiences. And no one wants that.

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