Missing someone that you can only wish of being yours? Then ‘Nakaw Na Sandali’ by Banda ni Mayor is perfect for you!

There’s a new player in town. And they seem to be serious with the local music scene. Emerging from being a YouTube, vlogger, and comedian, Mayor TV unveils his band, Banda ni Mayor. And commemorating another milestone, ‘Nakaw Na Sandali’ gives you the blues of missing some wrapped in a deceitful energizing tune.

Banda ni Mayor just started out a few months ago. A four-piece alternative rock band, it’s giving us familiar early 2000s OPM rock feels. And everyone vibing with it, that’s for sure. The band’s composed of frontman, Omar Punzalan, lead guitarist Aldrich Tabangcura, bassist Lester Binoya, and drummer John Enguero.

Their music is definitely nostalgic. Somehow, the familiar rock tunes it exudes reminds you of the best years of OPM rock. Not that anyone’s complaining because it clearly shows their roots and influence. And ‘Nakaw Na Sandali’ perfectly captures that familiar OPM rock we’ve all loved.

Nakaw Na Sandali

The song is highlighted by its light overall atmosphere and creative lyricism. Like most of our favorite OPM rock songs, it doesn’t rely on heavy figures of speech and emotive words. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the lyrics hit hard enough for you to feel the emotions the song intended to induce.

It talks about wanting someone even just for a while. Even just for a fleeting, short moment, even if it seems wrong, you want them. In your arms. It’s quite romantic, but if you listen closely, it gets painful. It sounds like you’re just grasping straws of love. Desperate for it. And it goes to show in the music video.

The music video shows a couple who seems happy together. Yet in the end, it’s revealed that the woman is with someone else. But she still comes back to the guy, even just for a while. Because that’s where she feels loved. Painful, isn’t it. Even though the music video started comedically, it stabs you back at the end.

‘Nakaw Na Sandali’ by Banda ni Mayor is a rare gem you’d enjoy. Be sure to stream it on Spotify!

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